las vegas school bus crashAccording to police, a school bus with 45 students on-board was involved in a collision in Las Vegas that resulted in minor injuries.

Six students were treated at the scene and cleared for school.

Clark County School District spokesperson David Roddy said the school bus was driving toward Schorr Elementary School when the crash occurred with a car close to Cactus Avenue and Bermuda Road, about one mile from the school.

Additional buses responded to the scene to take the children to school.

While school bus accidents do not always result in injuries, they can be very serious. About 17,000 children are inured in school bus-related accidents every year, including many in the Las Vegas area. In December, two people were left in critical condition after a school bus crash in North Las Vegas. Also last year, a school bus struck and killed a two-year-old in the street of North Las Vegas.

Under Nevada law, a child injured in a school bus accident that is caused by the bus driver’s negligence grants the child and parents a limited claim against the driver. While the driver is a government employee with sovereign immunity from lawsuits for simple negligence, drivers can still be held liable for gross negligence. A school board can also be held liable for simple negligence committed by a school bus driver. In Clark County, there is a cap on damages of up to $100,000.

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