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Consumers purchase items such as vehicles, household products and prescription drugs with the reasonable expectation that these items will be safe to use. When a product is defective and a person is injured, the manufacturers or distributors of that product may be held liable for the injuries. At Christensen Law Offices, we are highly adept at addressing various types of product liability cases, specifically with vehicle rollovers in Las Vegas.

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Product Liability and Vehicle Rollovers

The crashworthiness of a vehicle refers to its ability to withstand a crash. Vehicle rollovers can be an after-effect of the impact of a crash. Vehicle rollovers can also be the primary cause of the accident. Our Las Vegas personal injury attorneys  knowledgeable in the various types of product defects that can result in vehicle rollovers and a car’s inability to reasonably withstand a crash. We are experienced in identifying defective designs, manufacturing defects, vehicle malfunctions, inadequate safety warnings and other causes of accidents. A notable verdict in this area of product liability involved a rollover case against Subaru. We obtained 8.4 million dollars on behalf of our client.

Product Liability and Dangerous Products

Dangerous product cases can also involve various types of household products such as lawn mowers, saws, coffeemakers, gas lanterns and lamps. We also handle cases involving defective pharmaceutical drugs including Fen-Phen, Ortho Evra and others.

Generally, the injury must be significant for the person to have a valid claim. Our firm often works with engineers, mechanics and other experts to determine the product’s defect. It must be shown that the product performed differently than would be expected by a reasonable consumer.

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